Every music producer has problems one time or
another when it comes to producing music, they
may not be able to find the drum kit to go with the
other sounds in the beat or the right baseline to go
with the beat etc. Don’t worry about it, you have
to just keep trying and finding the correct sounds.
You could have problems with loading samples or
even cutting samples up to make a remix or
If you’re having problems with producing music the
best advice is to learn from somebody else, and you
will properly learn more than your expected
because they will properly know something you
don’t and you could exchange information.
Producers learning from other producers is the best
experience of learning how to produce music
because learning from a boring textbook isn’t
exactly going to show you how to do something. A
text book in music production is great if for
example you want to learn what a compressor
does, or a limiter with diagrams. However if you
want to learn something so practical, it’s best to
learn from another producer.
Music producer problems arise everyday, but if you
want to have a basic setup in your home studio
that can lead to great results I would recommend
you get a PC, Midi keyboard, Microphone, Monitors
and an Audio Interface. Just with these few basic
pieces of equipment a lot of problems can be
resolved and you could be producing great quality
music from home.


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If you want to become a music
producer, you should start by
considering what the job fully entails.
You will have to work with artists
who can range from elitist prima
donnas who refuse to compromise
their “vision” to musicians who do
not know the first thing about how
to work in a studio. You will have to
balance the madness of musicians
against the concrete realities of what
studio engineers are looking to create.
You will, of course, also have to
answer to the studio executives who
are paying for everything and expect
to see their investments returned
many times over. And all of this will
be going on as you try to put your
own ideas into an album to help
refine the raw product of music into
something tangible and marketable to
as wide an audience as possible.
You should know about music on two
different levels. First you should
understand how music works on a
theoretical and artistic level. You will
need to be able to talk to artists and
musicians and so you should be able
to join a dialogue about the creative
side of the music industry. To become
a music producer you might want to
take some classes or just do your
own research to learn about music,
whichever way you learn better. You
do not need to be able to play an
instrument, but it would be a good
idea to at least know how various
instruments work and what notes,
chords and rhythms are for your
artists. Secondly, you need to
understand music on the commercial
level as well. While your first job is
to work with the talent, your second
job is to work with the money. You
need to know what has sold in the
past, what is selling today, and try to
predict what will be selling tomorrow.
While any studio you work for will
likely have a marketing department all
its own, you are also expected to
work within the bounds of marketing
and selling your musicians as well.
Movements in popular music do not
often just happen; there is typically
logic and a mind behind it. From the
“girl power” movement of the Spice
Girls to the explosive popularity of
boy bands at the end of the 1990s,
someone saw that those things could
happen and made them a reality. And
that is your job. You need to look for
the next big thing, and then make it
the next big thing. To become a
music producer you must have an ear
for music and a mind for business.

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